What is Insta-Claim?

What do you do when you get into an accident? Do you know you'll make the correct call? With Insta-Claim you will never need to worry. 

Do you want Insta-Claim to be there for you when you need it? We have 2 plans for you to choose from:

Plan 1 - Insta-Claim: 

  1.  We will write your auto policy with one of our many auto insurance companies.
  2.  You will get complete claims help whenever you need it.
    • Interpretation services if needed.
    • Recording of your claim to show what occurred to the insurance company.
    • Let all parties involved know of your coverage.
    • Call emergency services for you as needed: Police, Fire, Ambulance, Towing
    • Will get at the scene statements from other involved driver.
    • We will record the whole accident scene as evidence. including any harassment by other driver.

Free - No Charge! 

When you have your auto insurance with us!


Plan 2 - The Claims Helper: 

  1.  We can interpret for you and explain to the other party if you're in an accident.
  2.  We will record the information for your insurance company.
  3.  We will assist you in getting help if needed.

$25.00 per month 

No contract required. Quit any time.


Want to try it out?

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Insta-Claim is a Patented claims assistance service that is there to help you. You will instantly be in contact with an Insta-Claim Agent via a video call on your cell phone. They will walk you through the process, and contact all the appropriate services for you. Click above to see how well this works for yourself.