With this service you could save up to 20% on claims costs!

When you need your insurance, are they there for you? If you have an accident, you could spend hours on the phone with your insurance trying to get your claim sorted out. then once you get your claim finished, you could be waiting weeks before you get your car fixed!

What if there is a better way?

Introducing Insta-claim Technology

Why choose Insta-claim for your business:
  • It is a more efficient system than the current claims process.
  • It reduces the number of man hours needed to process a claim
  • It can increase customer retention, by providing a more positive claims experience
  • It offers services to non-English speaking market segments

You can't afford to be left behind, this technology is the way of the future! Call us at 570-587-2615 or fill out the form to the left for more information!.