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If you’re looking for a boat insurance rate that protects your prized possession, Florey has a company for you. Not only do they offer cheap boat insurance rates, they offer discounts, too.

The following discounts on boat insurance rates are also available to those who qualify:

  • Claims-Free Renewal – Receive an discount if you have no at-fault accidents during your previous policy period.
  • Homeowner – Boat insurance rates are discounted if you own your own home.
  • Idle Assisted Steering – Simply having an idle assisted steering device on your personal watercraft could earn you a discount.
  • Multi Vehicle – Receive a discount if you have more than one vessel on your policy.
  • Multi Policy – Receive a discount if you have more than one policy.
  • Original Owner – Get lower boat insurance rates if you’re the only person who’s owned your boat.
  • Paid in Full – Pay the full amount of your policy up front and receive a discount on your boat insurance rate.
  • Responsible Driver – No accidents or violations on your driving record for the last three years translates to a discount on your boat insurance rate.
  • Safety Course – Completion of an approved safety course means you could qualify for a discount.

Learn more about boat insurance today to find the boat insurance rate that fits your needs.

Cheap Boat Insurance for Many Types of Boats

Florey has a company that offers boat insurance rates for the following types of boats or PWCs:

  • Runabout
  • Mini Jet Boat
  • Sailboat
  • Pontoon
  • House Boat
  • Cabin Cruiser
  • Other Fishing Boat
  • Bass Boat
  • Personal Watercraft


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