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Whatever each new day brings, Florey Insurance is still your best defense against unexpected occurrences such as fire, hail, windstorms, and other natural disasters. Key coverage examples include:

  • Building Coverage

    Your success happens at your store, office, factory and/or other locations. Then a fire hits, rendering your place of business unsafe for you and your employees. We will make certain your damaged building is repaired or rebuilt quickly so you avoid losing income and preserve both the equity and future.

  • Business Personal Property Insurance

    The loss of any property you own or create for sale affects your bottom line. If a windstorm damages any of these items, we can help you replace everything from computers and inventory, to equipment and tools.

  • Business Income

    If a major fire destroys your property, you need assurance that you can continue to operate and replace lost income while the office and its contents are being rebuilt and replaced. Business income insurance not only replaces lost business income, but it can also cover the necessary operating and payroll expenses needed to keep a business operating after a loss. Florey Insurance provides coverage to keep your business operating until goods and services are being produced again. Extended Business Income Coverage can also help your business by replacing lost business income for an extended period of time after your business is back on its feet again.

Many businesses can benefit from Florey Insurance. Contact us to get coverage for your business today.

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