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The Florey Insurance Agency, Inc. has been in business for 47 years. It was started after I was employed by Aetna Casualty and Surety Insurance Company for five years as a senior underwriter, which is a person that evaluates all the company’s new business and helps the insurance agencies with controlling their business. We are located in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, having started in the back room of my home. Today we have over 7,000 customers and cover the entire state of Pennsylvania.

We handle all forms of insurance; both in the personal lines of automobile, home, life, health and annuities, and commercial liability, workman’s compensation, automobile, truck etc.. We have grown from one company and being a one man operation to over 14 employees and over 20 automobile and home companies and many life and health companies as well. Our agency has been selected to be a signature agent (only one percent of the agents in the country are awarded this honor) because of our service and performance. We have also been named a key agent for the same reasons.

We have been rated by most companies as the number one producer in this area. One of the reasons for these honors are that most of the staff has been in the insurance business for over 20 years.

The main objective for our agency to exist is to give the customer the best price in the area where he/she resides.

We have many programs that other agencies do not. We have agent cams and we also have younger people in the agency that are ready to serve you and to carry this insurance business to future heights.

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