Get that Motorcycle REVVIN”

1. Ride with people who know how to ride and that you trust. 2. Be Seen. Brown and black apparel is not our friend on the road. If you blend in, others cannot see you. Wear something bright, or safety neon apparel that is offered by many motorcycle companies. One of my favorite equipment pieces is a nylon mesh vest with neon reflective taping.3. Wear the right gloves. 4. Never ride tired. 5. Always keep at least a 20-foot cushion between you and fellow riders.6. When riding in a group and there is oncoming traffic, be sure and let them know how many riders are behind you. 7. Feather your clutch on slower tighter turns. 8. Use the “outside, inside, outside” path of travel. 9. Leave room for an escape route.
10. Always look where you want to go. 11. Ride your own ride. 12. Be wary of semi trucks.
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