If you have a pet, they need insurance too!

You care about your pets, and you want them to be healthy too!


If your pet gets sick then you could be faced with expensive bills, here are a few reasons to consider pet insurance:

1. Dogs & cats get sick

Just like human children, pet children can also get sick at a moment’s notice

2. Dogs & cats get injured and have accidents

Whether your pet is mischievous, brave, or just unlucky, accidents can happen at any time including broken bones, torn nails, lacerations, or getting hit by a car, just to list a few.

3. It’s the responsible thing to do!

We have health insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance to protect us financially against the unexpected, and pet insurance is no different. Veterinary care is rising in cost and for good reason, the care available to pets is often on par with human medical care.

4. Vet bills can be huge and come at unexpected times

Life is full of surprises but protecting your finances with pet insurance will ultimately help you protect your pets.

5. Savings account vs. pet insurance

Purchasing an insurance plan is a great way to ensure you can afford the best veterinary care as soon as your pet needs it, rather than a savings account which can take years to save enough to cover even just one large vet bill.

Keep your pet healthy with pet insurance through Florey. Fill out the form below of call us at 1-877-503-8543 to find out how!

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