Homeowners Discounts from AGENT MAN

AGENT MAN has discounts for your home. To help AGENT MAN here are some ways you do this:

1. Get a home security system.Most carriers will give a 15% discount some more depending on the type of system.
2. Secure your home in other ways….dead bolts, locks on window sashes, outdoor lighting with motion detectors.Detectors such as heat, smoke, fire, flood and CO2.
3. Live in a safe neighborhood.You can find out how safe by going to _SPOT CRIME.
4. Have a good credit rating.
5. Bundle insurance services.
6. Raise your deductible
7. Organization Affiliation – Many insurance companies give discounts for college fraternities or sororities, credit cards or credit unions.
8. Don’t be a smoker.

Give it a chance – AGENT MAN at Florey Insurance Agency (570-587-2615) will seek out those discounts for YOU!

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