Shopping for Homeowners insurance?
Do you really need it? Does it pay off?

Here are the reasons why home insurance is critical:
* Your lender or bank requires it.They want to make sure that their financial stakes are protected.
* Your home is your biggest investment. Houses typically increase in value over time.
* Peace of mind. A policy will not prevent random acts of nature, but it puts a safety net between you and catastrophe.
* Home insurance often pays for damage, theft or destruction of your belongings.

The goal behind buying insurance is to keep you financially whole following a loss. You pay a small insurance rate to an insurance company today in exchange for a guarantee that the insurance company will take care of a large but uncertain loss in the future.

According to the “Journal of Financial Planning” many homeowners do not really know what their homeowners cover. You need to talk to someone about what is and is Not covered.

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