36 Different Insurance Discounts

Some of the most common discounts are:

  • Being married
  • Having AAA insurance (Triple A)
  • Renting an Apartment
  • Being insured for more than 5 years
  • There are Companies that will not cancel your policy regardless of claims
  • Driver Training
  • Over 55 Driver Training
  • New Home Construction
  • Group Enrollment
  • Discount for Pleasure Use of Vehicle
  • Discount for Limited Tort

Many people are unaware of the large number of savings and discounts available when shopping for car insurance in Pennsylvania. We will present you with 36 easy tips that can potentially save you hundreds on your insurance premium.

1. Make sure you know how far you drive per year. Some companies offer discounted rates if you travel under a certain mileage annually.

2. A good credit score often gives a discount. Although, many companies rate credit scores different ways.

3. Many companies offer a discount for maintaining active insurance coverage prior to switching to another carrier.

4. Some insurance companies give a discount for carrying prior Bodily Injury (BI) Limits of 100/300 or higher.

5. Many companies offer a discount for simply owning a home. With some, you may get this credit for owning a home even if it is not written with the same company as your auto insurance.

6. Insurance companies also may offer a discount if you put your home and auto policies together with one company. This is what’s called the “multi-policy discount”.

7. Some companies may offer a discount for owning a manufactured home and combining it with your auto policy.

8. Companies often offer what’s called a “multi-car” discount on an auto policy. This discount can be given if you insure 2 or more cars on the same policy.

9. Some companies offer a discount for combining your mobile home and car together on the same policy.

10. Many companies offer an advanced quoting discount if you get an insurance quote 8 or more days before the renewal date on your insurance policy.

11. Some insurance companies give a discount for insuring both a car and a motorcycle with the same company.

12. Some companies offer a discount if you insure a boat and a car with the same company.

13. Several companies offer a discount for student drivers with a GPA at or above a certain average, depending on the company.

14. Some companies offer a discount if you’re a teacher.

15. Some offer a discount for firemen.

16. Others offer a discount for being a policeman.

17. You may be able to get a discount if you put your other insurance policies with your auto insurance.

18. Most companies give discounts for paying the insurance premium on a policy in full.

19. Many companies give a discount if you pay your insurance through a checking account or credit card, also referred to as paying through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

20. You may also be able to get a discount if you are a single parent.

21. Some companies may also offer the option of doing business over the internet. This can be an additional discount.

22. There is a discount with many companies for being accident free.

23. Discounts can also be given if you have anti-theft devices such as an alarm system on your car.

24. There is a discount for high deductibles. In fact, the higher the deductible you choose, the lower your total premium will be.

25. Discounts can also be applied if you live in certain areas.

26. A discount may be possible for putting a youthful driver on the policy as the operator of certain cars.

27. You may also be entitled to a discount if you watch a video given by the company.

28. A discount is also given if your son or daughter took driver training.

29. You may also get a discount for being in the military.

30. Other companies offer discounts for lower limits.

31. Some carriers offer discounts if you work for certain companies.

32. You can get a discount if you are a farmer.

33. There is also a discount for full coverage, which means you carry coverage for the other person in an accident and your own car too.

34. You can get big discounts for insuring antique or classic cars.

35. Different companies offer discounts if you drive certain types of cars.

36. There is a discount for long-distance student drivers. Usually to qualify, the student must go to school >100 miles from their residence address.

NOTE: Discounts vary from company to company. Not all discounts listed are applicable to all insurance companies.

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